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Marvelous Hunting Opportunities From East to West

Hunting Options

We offer premier hunting trips in Russia. Since 1990 our Partner Company has been successfully bringing hunters from around the world for quality trophies, & lifelong memories.

Trophy Possibilities

From the Peaks to the Lowlands

  • Red Stag

  • Brown Bear

  • Wild Boar

  • Siberian Roe Deer

  • Snow Sheep

  • Moose

  • Ibex

  • Sika Deer

Suggested Gear List

Think of Montana

  • Huntings Boots w/ Support

  • Maybe Mud Boots 

  • Layers Depending on Season

  • Rain/ All Weather Jacket

  • Durable Hunting Pants

  • Binoculars/ Range Finder

  • Leisure Clothes

Hunting Areas

The Best Hunting Grounds

  • Kirov

  • Siberia

  • Kamchatka

  • Tver

  • Moscow Surroundings

Hunting Methods

Traditional Hunting

  • Spot & Stalk

  • High Stand

  • Archery


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