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Traditional Hunts in Europes Heart

Hunting Options

We offer premier hunting trips in Austria & Hungary. Since 1950 our Partner Company has been successfully bring hunters from around the world for quality trophies, lifelong memories, & the hospitality one would expect in Europe.

Trophy Possibilities

From the Peaks to the Lowlands

  • Alpine Ibex

  • Alpine Chamois

  • Red Stag

  • Roe Deer

  • Mouflon

  • Fallow Deer

  • Sika Deer

  • Wild Boar

  • Pheasant

  • Mallards

Suggested Gear List

Think of Montana

  • Huntings Boots w/ Support

  • Maybe Mud Boots 

  • Layers Depending on Season

  • Rain/ All Weather Jacket

  • Durable Hunting Pants

  • Binoculars/ Range Finder

  • Leisure Clothes

Hunting Areas

The Best Hunting Grounds

  • Bakony Forest

  • Burgenland

  • Carinthia

  • Salzburg

  • Upper Austria

  • Styria

Hunting Methods

Traditional Hunting

  • Driven Boar Hunting

  • Driven Pheasant

  • Driven Duck

  • Spot & Stalk

  • High Stand

  • Archery


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